This is not a “real” post because there’s no way I could capture my affinity for DiNic’s in a simple blog post.  Besides, in the interest of full disclosure, they are friends of mine. Let’s be honest, though. Friends or no friends, their sandwiches are the bomb. In fact, you don’t need me to tell you. Ask this guy or this guy instead. Suffice it to say, their sandwiches are pretty awesome. My personal favorite is the brisket with cheese and greens (broccoli rabe!) but I don’t get it often enough because the brisket isn’t ready until closer to lunch time and I’m usually there early Saturday mornings. Poor me, I guess I’m stuck with the roast beef with peppers and cheese (with some added horseradish and banana peppers.)

Or maybe the sausage with peppers, onions and cheese–a recent discovery of mine.

When I was a vegetarian, Joe would even make me veggie sandwiches with peppers, cheese and greens. You can’t go wrong at this place. I promise.