One Shot Coffee

A couple of weeks ago, I had plans to meet my friend, Farish, for a cup of coffee one weekend morning. Well, Farish had a few things to do that morning so we ended up meeting after I had already eaten breakfast. That didn’t stop me from vigorous assent when she asked if I wanted to go to her favorite new coffee shop. She and her husband, Tre, picked me up and drove up to Northern Liberties where we made lots of twists and turns before we ended up at One Shot Coffee.

What a cute little place it is! They have drink specials printed on butcher paper behind the counter and the antiqued ceiling and lighting is just stunning.

Although Farish and Tre were planning on eating, I was still pretty full from breakfast. Then I saw this.

It was all over from there. How can you refuse a cheddar bacon scone???

Farish and Tre waited at our table with an identifying number.

My scone was really, really yummy. Moist and light with a hint of porky goodness.

Farish got the bacon, egg and cheese on a brioche that she JUST LOVES.

And Tre got a chicken sandwich with house made chips.

As we were finishing up, the lunch crowd started to arrive. Even though I’m not as cool and don’t have nearly enough tattooes (I do have dark rimmed glasses though!) to really fit in, this is a homey little place putting out solid food–especially for a coffee house.

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