A Family Affair

I love when I get emails from my father like this one entitled “Softshells tonight.”  Look at those beautiful golden tomatoes.

Or this one, simply titled “Our dinner”

Or a text from my sister saying “I read your blog” with this picture

Is that a heart in the middle?

Followed by “didn’t have cucumber but used tomatoes and lime juice, yuuum”

I’m proud that she was able to veer from the recipe and worked with the ingredients that she had at hand. Atta girl, Soph! The final text of the night just said “Look!”

I love that my family has become inspired to step outside of the proverbial box and explore unique and delicious recipes. I also love that they feel compelled to share these images with me.  On a less serious note, I find it adorable that my parents and sister both had spinach for dinner on the same night, but that’s just me being silly.

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