Hello world!

After months and months of swearing to myself that I would start a blog (with the addition of my wonderful husband’s prompting and cajoling,) along with one failed attempt and domain name, I begin anew. Today, August 1st, marks the beginning of my foray into blogging.

True to the blog name, I live in a row home in South Philly, and will be sharing my musings about cooking and eating in Philadelphia. Expect to meet my dog and husband, who both adore my cooking, along with a gaggle of interesting friends, neighbors and family with whom we break bread. I may have tales of the flies attacking my basil plant out back or the mysterious tomato thief (who may or may not be under 1o years old.) I might wax poetic about our beer can chicken that doesn’t *quite* fit on the grill or share my recipe for BLT macaroni and cheese.

When we’re not cooking (yes, my wonderful husband cooks as well!) we have been known to enjoy Philadelphia’s plethora of BYOBs, although we’re just as happy staying home with a movie and delivery–Mexican or sushi, depending on whose turn it is to choose.

My challenge to myself it to stay up to date on the blogging to #1 Give myself something to do #2 Track and organize my online recipes #3 Get to know the amazing local food blogging community!

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Becca Mueller says:

    Love it! Congrats for starting! Can’t wait to read more and Beale loves it too.

    1) Did I tell you I had dinner at Talula’s Table on father’s day. Totally amazing.

    2) Educate me on “shirred” eggs.

    3) I know who is stealing your tomatos.

    xox Becca

  2. wayles says:

    I’m not sure how i feel about Jewels cooking…. hehe… although- did she make that potato salad for the World Cup? Because in that case- I’m down
    🙂 good luck with the blog!

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